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A homemade-like taste has made Uludağ Limonata a favorite in the hearts of the Turkish public as it makes its way to tables not only with a flavor that complements a variety of meals, but also with a refreshing zest. The "Complements Every Meal" commercial campaign brings Uludağ Lemonade flavor to cheerful tables and diverse meals.

Uludağ Premium shined as the official drink of the “Rendez-Vous avec Le Cinéma Turc à Paris” event, held in France on November 28-30 with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In addition to unforgettable and successful Turkish films, recent great productions such as the Palme d'Or winner Kış Uykusu (Winter Sleep) and Kelebeğin Rüyası (The Butterfly's Dream) were also shown at the event. There are plans to hold the event annually to exhibit the diversity of Turkey’s stories and the depth of the universal emotions shared with the French public. The event was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Turkish cinema, and the reception attracted as much attention as the films. Invited guests included Cem Yılmaz, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Hülya Koçyiğit, Ozan Güven, Tülin Özen, and Zafer Algöz, as well as Pelin Batu, who presented the event in French, at the Turkish Embassy in Paris.

Uludağ Beverage Chairman of the Board Mehmet H. Erbak said regarding the collaboration: "Uludağ Beverage provides concrete and unlimited support to arts. Uludağ Premium sponsored this successful and premium organization, which we are confident will represent our country with flying colors in France. Because, we regard Uludağ Premium as a global palatal delight, just as the way we perceive arts as a universal language.”

One of the world’s largest food and beverage shows, the SIAL exhibition took place for the 50th time in Paris from October 19 to 23this year.

Uludağ Beverage also made an appearance and attracted great interest from visitors around the world at the SIAL exhibition which had more than 150,000 participants.

Uludağ Premium takes to the stage once again as the official sparkling natural mineral water of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, one of Istanbul's most notable fashion events. Uludağ Premium lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water introduced by Uludağ Beverage in 2009, is the first ever “designer endorser” product of the Turkish beverage industry.

The exclusive cobalt blue bottle Uludağ Premium was designed by world-renowned Turkish brand Dice Kayek, inspired by the Ottoman glass arts and French vintage carafes.Uludağ Premium became the official sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul with Spring/Summer 2015 collections making their debut at the event, held at Antrepo 3 Tophane, on October 13-18. As part of the event, brands and designers displayed their Spring/Summer 2015 collections in the Antrepo 3's "Runway" and "Studio" areas, while the latter played host to both creative presentations and mini fashion shows.

In its new image campaign, Legendary Uludağ Gazoz emphasizes the brand’s legendary taste and identity with the slogan « Become a Legend ». Consisting of three different commercials, the campaign is becoming a mega hit with its creative story telling as well as its slogan. A character who reveals his strong passion for the Legendary Uludağ Gazoz with extraordinary and inspirational stories is the focus of the campaign commercials.

The campaign was created by Güzel Sanatlar Advertising Agency. The commercials were shot over a two-day period at the Penrhyn Castle, Snowdonia Valley and Tryfan, a mountain in the United Kingdom by Uygar Kutlu, a director from Autonomy Production House. Audiences viewed the commercials in August when all three were aired. TV, radio, press, outdoor and online media are all being utilized for the campaign.

Click to view the commercials.

The brand that has become everyone's favorite thanks to its awesome thirst-quenching taste, Uludağ Limonata continues to bring joy to meals and and grabs consumers’ attention with the new theme song for its new campaign, "Changes Your Mood."

Uludağ Limonata commercials have garnered great recognition with their catchy theme songs. Now, they are changing the mood of people from 7 to 70 with the unforgettable melody of the Hababam Sınıfı movies, the work of legendary composer Melih Kibar. Directed by Ozan Yalabık, these commercials underscore the taste that Uludağ Limonata adds to every occasion.

The campaign has set out to make Uludağ Limonata the indispensable drink on tables all year round and will continue to do so via different commercial spots and a variety of promotional campaigns in additional media.”

The first lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water Uludağ Premium invites its fans to live their style. A brand which evokes admiration of its design courtesy of Dice Kayek, Uludağ Premium is back with a new media campaign that goes beyond passion for fashion, music and art by visualizing Uludağ Premium as a passion on its own thanks to its unique design. The campaign composed by three different advertisements is shooted by Candaş Arın in the Austrian Consulate constructed in 1885 and Taksim Do-Re Müzik.

One of the most identifiable characteristics of Legendary Uludağ Gazoz which is manufactured from Uludağ water and granulated sugar derived from sugar beet, is its distinctive bottle, which has remained unchanged for many years.

The new 2-liter bottle, which we manufacture while retaining the legendary glass bottle form to be enjoyed at your leisure, is now on store shelves.

This year's Uludağ Economy Summit, for which Uludağ Premium continues to be the beverage sponsor since two years, took place in Mount Uludağ. Many speakers, accomplished in their fields, were guests of the summit, which hosted famous figures from the business world for two days. Consumed fondly by participants in talks that focused on important subjects regarding economics and business, Uludağ Premium is the first lightly carbonated natural sparkling mineral water produced in a cobalt blue bottle in Turkey's beverage industry.

A lightly carbonated natural sparkling mineral water in a cobalt blue bottle, Uludağ Premium was the official sparkling mineral water of MBFWI, the Istanbul leg of the Fashion Week events held in many cities around the world each year.

The creations of 2014 were presented for fashion lovers at Karaköy Antrepo, where the heart of the fashion world beat for one week during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul. One of the most popular bloggers in the fashion world, Nil Ertürk ( also narrated the runway shows through the viewpoint of Uludağ Premium and shared them with her followers.

Consumed joyfully by fashion lovers and models at backstage, Uludağ Premium is the first designer-endorsed bottle of the Turkish beverage industry.

Bursa Region State Symphony Orchestra, actively supported by Bursa Philharmonic Foundation, sponsored by Uludağ Premium continues its concerts in the 2013 - 2014 season. Celebrating its 15th year, the orchestra will continue to entertain classic music fans with a rich program until June 2014.

Bursa Region State Symphony Orchestra will be entertaining classical music fans with a rich program and a wealth of famous soloists. Sponsored by Uludağ Premium, chaired by Ömer Kızıl, President Deputy General Manager of Sales Department in Uludağ Beverage, Bursa Philharmonic Foundation continues to support Bursa Region State Symphony Orchestra in order to improve the culture of international classical music in our country and introduce the polyphonic music to wider audiences.

For Bursa Region State Symphony Orchestra 2013 - 2014 Art Season Concert Program, click here.

This year, once again, the official mineral water for one of the most significant events in Istanbul, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, was the medium carbonated natural mineral water Uludağ Premium; the first "designer endorser" product of Turkey.

At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul

For five days at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, the 2014 spring/summer collections were presented to fashion enthusiasts at Kuruçeşme Arena. A famous name of the blog world "Çizen Bayan" was ( also following the event and simultaneously shared her posts through social media.

Runway and Studio were the places of gathering for thousands of people including professionals from the media, and the retail as well as fashion industries. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, the venue for latest collections of over 40 fashion designers, took place for the ninth time this year.

The Uludağ Limonata campaign titled "Goes Well with Everything" aims to establish Uludağ Limonata as an indispensable beverage on dinner tables by explaining how it goes well with every meal. The refreshing cold-themed commercial emphasizes the cooling feature of the drink in the summer months with the slogan "Goes Well in Summer". While, a dinner themed advert with the "Goes Well with Everything" slogan gets the message across that Uludağ Limonata goes well with every meal. In addition, we also have two commercials depicting the Uludağ Family of Taste which comprises of Uludağ Narata and Uludağ Mandalinata. A total of 15 adverts have been made for the "Goes Well with Everything" commercial campaign. Güzel Sanatlar Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Agency wrote the adverts and Metin Arolat directed the three-day commercial shoot in Şile. The campaign aims to encourage consumption of lemonade on special days and occasions, followed by adverts with themes of food, feelings of refreshment, and iftar (fast breaking dinner during Ramadan).

Uludağ Premium was once again among the sponsors of the American Express Bosphorus Cup 2013.
Uludağ Premium, is the first lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water produced in Turkey.

Mike Sanderson from New Zealand, one of the most prominent sailors in the world, enjoyed the excitement of setting sail in Turkey on the Uludağ Premium sail boat. He shared the profound experience he has gained in the oceans around the globe with Turkish sailors and brought it to the blue waters of the Bosphorus. He took his place among the people relishing their lifestyles with Uludağ Premium.

Uludağ Beverage celebrated the 100th anniversary of obtaining the business license for the Uludağ Natural Mineral Water spring with a 100th Anniversary Label Design Contest.

A jury consisting of celebrated names in their own fields assessed the work of the participating students. Bora Mesut Palas has gained the first place at the contest, Ömer Faruk Güven came second, and Aslıhan Tatlıgil, along with Buseyr İlhan, shared the third place. The jury was made up of Ece Ege, one of the creators of the Dice Kayek brand; Zeynel Abidin, photography artist; Aslıhan Arıkan, Packaging Industry Representative from the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey; Oya Akman, Industrial Designers Vocational Institute member and the founder of Oya Design; Kayhan Şardan, the President of Güzel Sanatlar Saatchi & Saatchi Agency; and Murat Zengin, Assistant General Manager in charge of marketing department at Uludağ İçecek.

Please visit website for detailed information.

Sponsorship of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul was the next event of the communication campaign with the “Your Style, Your Way” theme and fashion concept of Uludağ Premium, the mild-flavored natural spring water, which was launched in the market in 2009 as the first “designer endorser” product in Turkey’s beverage industry. Uludağ Premium supported the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul event as the beverage sponsor between March 12-16. The Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Collection was exhibited in the event with participating designers, brands, and renowned speakers from the fashion industry.

Uludağ Premium differentiates itself in the industry as a "mild-flavored spring water" with a bottle designed by sisters Ece and Ayşe Ege, the founders of Dice Kayek brand. With Uludağ Premium, we strive to become a part of the lives our consumers who meticulously make their choices and prefer to seek added value. Accordingly, fashion takes up a significant place in our communication efforts as one of the most effective ways to express the "Your Style, Your Way" concept at heart of our brand.

"Your Style, Your Way" with Uludağ Premium

We are driving forward the communication campaign with the “Your Style, Your Way” theme and fashion concept of Uludağ Premium following its launch in 2009 as the first " lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water " produced in Turkey. The Uludağ Premium bottle was designed by sisters Ece and Ayşe Ege, globally renowned creators of the world famous Dice Kayek brand. This fact distinguishes our product as the first "designer endorser" brand of Turkey's beverage industry. The goal of the campaign is to highlight the "Your Style, Your Way" theme, which we created based on the core of the brand, and to strengthen the bond with the target audience of the product.