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Uludağ Premium

As Uludag Premium, we met again with coffeelovers in Istanbul Coffee Festival as third place this year. Between the dates of 5-8 October 2016, in the heart of the city which is in the Macka Kucukciftlik Park, coffee tastings were held from different parts of the world.

A festival experience has won with interactive and fun workshops such as domestic and foreign professional barista’s shows, cupping, tasting and roasting. In seminars and workshops were shared with coffeelovers and also some tips about the quality coffee production. As Gastronomy Blogger İnci Özay Hatipoğlu carried out on behalf of Uludag Premium 'Good Coffee Good Water' speech in the seminar and she shared the importance of using well water and with the intricacies of making coffee at home with coffeelovers. Blogger Inci Özay Hatipoglu’s post about their impressions of Istanbul Coffee Festival please click here.

Uludağ Premium

Legendary Uludag Gazoz was sponsored to Mete Gazoz who is the European Youth Archery Championship winner, under the 2016 Rio Olympics in recent months. 17-year-old successful national archer, between the dates of August 5 to 21, will represent Turkey at the Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro which is Brazil's capital.

Olympic National Team sportsman Mete Gazoz who will represent Turkey in 2016 Rio Olympics was sponsored by Legendary Uludağ Gazoz. In recent months, obtaining first place in the European Archery Championships in England in qualifying for the quota competitions of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the archery game will take place between 5-12 August and Mete Gazoz will compete for the gold medal.

Mete Gazoz’ s aim is that the exit to the podium at the 2016 Olympics in Rio and he said " To represent Turkey at the Olympics is very important for me and I am proud of that. I'm progressing to run with my ideals every day. I want to thank to my coach, my family, and Legendary Uludag Gazoz and all my support in this way to be with me." Legendary Uludag Gazoz is giving full support to our national athlete Mete Gazoz as a sponsor and he is one of the young athletes carries the archery sport to a higher level.

Uludağ Premium

“”, supported by famous bloggers, calls out to people living their own style.

On the new Uludağ Premium web site, you can find anything related to a person of style. On the bloggers’ page, fashion blogger Billur Saatçi shares her style advices, her notes on fashion and lifestyle, whereas gastronomy blogger İnci Özay Hatipoğlu shares her secrets on fine-dining. The website will offer new content in the upcoming days aside from the information about the products within Premium family – Uludağ Premium Natural Spring Water and Uludağ Premium Sparkling Natural Mineral Water.

To visit our new Uludağ Premium website, please click here.

Popular singer Kibariye is now the new face of Uludağ Limonata, one of the essential tastes of Uludağ Beverage. Kibariye was cheerful in front of the cameras for Uludağ Limonata commercials.

With its “homemade-like taste”, Uludağ Limonata signed a contract with Kibariye - one of Turkey’s best female vocalists - for its new commercial campaign with the slogan “Changes your mood”. Uludağ Limonata has 3 new commercials with Kibariye. During the shootings, the studio was full of joy and entertainment.

Kibariye has participated in the ‘home visit’, ‘seaside’ and ‘Ramadan table’ shootings with her own orchestra, making the best of the slogan “Changes your mood”. Her energy during the shootings also spread to backstage. The commercials full of music and entertaining moments, witnessed lots of fun and colorful scenes.

Cappadox Festivali

Uludağ Premium has been the official beverage sponsor for Cappadox Festival, which took place on May 19-21 with the concept “Let’s plant our garden” in Cappadocia.

The Festival was organized for the second time, hosting many festival lovers coming from all parts of Turkey. The festival allowed people to get away from the city life for a couple of days and experience the natural life with yoga sessions, trekking, jogging, bicycle tours, concerts, gourmet degustations and also with modern art, music, gastronomy and open-air activities.

For more information, please visit

Uluslararası Bursa Festivali

The opening of 55th International Bursa Festival took place on Monday, May 16th with Bursa Regional State Symphony Orchestra (BBDSO).

The Symphonycuba concert combined Cuba rhythms and Latin tunes and was performed by Klazz Brothers. Sponsored by Uludağ Premium, Bursa Regional State Symphony Orchestra -connecting large masses with classical music with the support of Bursa Philharmonic Orchestra, performed the 55th International Bursa Festival. BBDSO represented a special project with worldwide famous group Klazz Brothers at the concert on Monday, May 16th.

Under the conductorship of Fazlı Orhun Orhan, International Bursa Festival began with Cuba rhythms and Latin tunes. Klazz Brothers, a group that demonstrated its success worldwide with their 7 albums and their prizes, combined the classical music with Latin music.

Dilara Koçak Tarif

Uludağ Premium was again the official beverage sponsor of Uludağ Economy Summit, organized by Capital and Economist since 2012.

Having hosted many people like top business leaders, politicians and media leaders in previous years, Uludağ Economy Summit took place at March 25-26, 2016 in Mount Uludağ.

During the summit, diverse topics like digital economy, entrepreneurship, future of industry, growth strategy of Turkey until 2023 were covered by various successful speakers.

Uludağ Premium Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, the first lightly carbonated natural sparkling water brand of Turkey’s beverage industry with easiness to drink, was the preference of the participants once again this year.