Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know? What is the difference between soda (soda water – artificial soda) and sparkling natural mineral water?

Sparkling natural mineral water is formed naturally in various depths of the Earth's crust under suitable geological conditions, extracted to the surface from one or more sources either naturally or through technical methods, characterized for their mineral content and other elements, it is protected against all contamination risks and has over 1000 milligrams of dissolved mineral matter and over 250 milligrams of natural carbon dioxide per liter.

On the other hand, sodas are artificial beverages made by adding carbondioxide gas to distilled and chemically processed water.

We procure Uludağ Natural Mineral Water from the natural springs near Çaybaşı Village, which is located at nearly 650 meters above sea level to the southwest of Uludağ Mountain. It takes anywhere from 60 to 80 years for the precipitation on the highest points of Uludağ to reach the springs around Uludağ Çaybaşı Village. Uludağ Natural Mineral Water seeps up from underneath the fault lines formed millions of years ago and as it passes through the underground formation these fault lines follow, it incorporates the characteristics of the geophysical structure. Uludağ Natural Mineral Water emerges from the ground naturally, does not undergo any artificial processing (physical or chemical) and features natural carbondioxide in its spring. We take it and enrich it once again with natural carbondioxide gas before bottling and presenting it to the consumer.

What are the benefits of the various minerals found in Uludağ Natural Mineral Water?

Calcium strengthens the bones while magnesium and potassium strengthen the heart and blood vessels. Bicarbonate supports the stomach and gastrointestinal system. Additionally, the low pH level of Uludağ Natural Mineral Water helps the kidneys and the urinary system to function properly.

What is lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water?

Based on the consumer habits in our country, sparkling natural mineral waters are enriched with 8-10 milligrams/liter of natural carbondioxide during bottling. On the other hand, lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral waters like Uludağ Premium contain 5-6 milligrams/liter of natural carbon dioxide gas. This makes them easy to drink with meals.

Can kids consume sparkling natural mineral water?

Every person, regardless of age, may consume sparkling natural mineral water. There is no harm particularly in athletes continuously consuming Uludağ Natural Mineral Water, rich in calcium and magnesium.

What is the difference between sugar and fructose?

Sucrose in other words table sugar, is a type of sugar derived from sugar beet or sugar cane. Fructose, on the other hand, is only derived from corn.

Is there fructose in Uludağ Beverage products?

There is a discernible difference in taste between sucrose derived from sugar beets and fructose derived from corn. Uludağ Beverage only use sucrose in order not to compromise on quality, despite the higher cost.

Which coloring agent is used in Uludağ Limonata?

In light of the manufacturing principles derived from its 100-year company history, Uludağ Beverage always works to manufacture products that are more natural and in keeping with the needs of the time, and the company uses 100% natural safflower as the coloring agent in its lemonade products. The exacting effort we displayed in making “homemade-tasting” lemonade, a staple on our tables, also continued in the development process nda re product. Following more than one year of efforts to maintain the product’s flavor and attractive color, safflower began to be used.