Our Quality And Food Safety Approach

Operating as a well-established company in the sparkling water (natural mineral water) and non-alcoholic beverages sector, Uludağ Beverage, which is on its way to becoming a world brand in the beverage industry; aims to perform all its design, development, production, storage, sales and distribution activities within the framework of Quality, Food Safety, Environment, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety and Customer Satisfaction Management Systems; to comply with all legal requirements and national and international standards; and to manufacture healthy and quality products in ways to meet the current and future demands and expectations of consumers and customers.

In line with these objectives, Uludağ Beverage undertakes to;

  • Create and expand the awareness of Quality, Food Safety, Environment and Energy Conservation, Occupational Health and Safety and Customer Satisfaction,
  • Keep up with all legal and other standards related to Quality, Food Safety, Environment and Energy, Occupational Health and Safety, fulfill the relevant obligations; and provide all necessary briefing at all levels via internal and external communication channels,
  • Perceive customer needs accurately and quickly and respond preeminently ,
  • Promote approaches that improve performance and creativity with the sense of excellence,
  • Value the human resources and improve the employees with a team spirit,
  • Make the technology decisions for all investment activities with the perspective of environmental protection, sustainable energy, occupational health and safety,
  • Choose and use natural, environmentally friendly, recyclable materials in all packaging materials and raw materials,
  • Deploy all resources effectively and sustain them,
  • Reduce all waste, take measures to recycle them and make them harmless,
  • Take all measures in conformity with the legal requirements and international standards for the establishment of work environments that eliminate the risks of occupational accidents and professional diseases.