Our Values

Our Vision

To be the most innovative and highest quality national beverage brand in the Turkish market and the beverage brand with a potential market in the global arena due to authentic quality and flavor.

Our Mission

We have the mission of being a company with 100 percent Turkish capital that honors Turkey with the strength we derive from our well-rooted history, our 100-year-old natural mineral water and our corporate image of over 80 years, our quality human capital as well as our social and environmental awareness.

Our Core Values

Our Brand
The "Uludağ" brand is the most important asset of Uludağ Beverage. It has been evolving continuously over 85 years without changing quality or taste. Operating with 100 percent Turkish capital, Uludağ Beverage has built the brand value it has today through the efforts of Turkish capital and Turkish labor.

Quality and Trust
With each product we manufacture and each step we take, we always take continuous improvement into account and always aim to produce quality, healthy products in line with our consumers' needs and expectations.

Our Employees
Our people are our most important asset. We believe in the importance of teamwork in achieving solutions. The primary goal of all our employees is to understand the wishes and expectations of our consumers as best as they can and to meet these expectations in the most efficient way.

The Value We Place on the Environment and Nature
One of the founders of the Çevko Environmental Protection Foundation, our company is extremely sensitive to ensuring that our packaging does not harm the environment. To this end, it works hand in hand with supplier companies to collect and recycle its packaging as well as fulfilling its obligations towards the Ministry of Environment.