Uludağ Premium

With the introduction of Uludağ Premium in 2009, we became the first domestic brand in the “lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water”" category. Uludağ Premium contains 5-6 milligrams/liter of natural carbondioxide, a feature that makes it easy to drink with meals.

The exclusive cobalt blue bottle of our product was designed by world-renowned Turkish brand Dice Kayek, inspired by the Ottoman glass arts and French vintage carafes.. It was awarded the Golden Packaging Award in 2010 by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and also the Design Award at the 2012 Worldstar Awards held by the World Packaging Organization.

  Anions (mg/L)
Fluoride 1,01
Bicarbonate 1429,8
Chloride 51,96
Sulfate 19,25
  Cations (mg/L)
Calcium 179
Magnesium 72
Potassium 25
Sodium 160
Iron <0,002

Total Mineral Amount: 1952 mg/L